Embedded Design

Manufacturing Services

We can deploy automatic batch printers combined with our own Manufacturing Information System (MIS), high-end SMD placement machines, cutting-edge soldering system, vapor phase ovens and labeling lasers for barcodes on site in any context.
Access to our own etching equipment enables us to realize your specifications even faster and more accurately. This fully integrated production line is designed for 3-shift production. It features high flexibility, quick changeover and traceability to meet Aerospace & Defence specifications. To deliver mid size and even large production runs to our industrial customers we use these equipment and techniques:


PCB design is one of our core strengths. eubus possesses the necessary expertise to satisfy your every requirement for features and functionality - in complete turnkey projects or in individual aspects. All our designs are supplied complete with exhaustive documentation.


Production Planning

To optimize assembly processes and provide life-time traceability for our customers eubus utilizes a Management Information System (MIS). Due to the implemented barcode technology every mounted component is part of our rigorous quality assurance, fulfilling completely the restrictive demands of regulated industries, e. g. Aerospace & Defence specifications.


Our swiss-made high-precision batch printer system is fully automated and offers dual vision for automatic position correction, an automatic stencil cleaning system and all features for a programmable printing process.


eubus deploys a highly flexible pick+place machine using the world's fastest and most accurate laser vision system for SMD components. This state of the art solution allows to place more complex boards in one run, offers a working area for large PCBs up to 780x600 mm and a component range up to 01005 to 50x50 mm. (Special Cognex Vision System, SMD4)


Using the latest technologies including full convection preheating, spray fluxing system, composite coated solder waves, pots for lead-free applications and visual process control eubus offers professional soldering processes for small and mid size volumes of THT and SMD components.


Ensuring our proverbial "made in Germany" quality standards we carry out qualifications like heat ageing and thermal stability tests up to -70°C.

Measurement & Diagnostics

On top we offer HF/RF computation, HF diagnostics and HF measuring up to 8 GHz without any compromise on precision. That is why we work with an audio measuring station from Rhode & Schwarz and a digital measuring station from Le Croy. Our impressive armory also boasts an RF network analyzer from Rhode & Schwarz.

To give our partners and customers the benefit of this technological edge, we like to cut through the red tape. On request, therefore, you can visit our premises and use this equipment to take your own measurements on site. Be our guest! Back to Embedded Design