1.5 GHz – 6.0 GHz
Small Outline 2-Way Reactive Power Divider / Combiner

Product Description

Small Outline Power Divider/Combiner for splitting or combining two RF-Signals in Phase
while providing isolation between the two signals.

Download: Product data (pdf)

Technical Data:

Impedance:50 Ω
Frequency Range:1.5 GHz - 6.0 GHz
Configuration: 2-Way in-Phase Splitter/Combiner
max. Insertion Loss(above 3dB):0.3dB @ 1.5GHz, 0.7dB @ 6.0GHz
max. VSWR at all Ports:1.3:1 (18dB RL)
Amplitude Tracking: ± 0.2dB
Phase Trackimg:±5°
min. Isolation:18dB
max. Matched Input Power::2W
RF Connectors:SMA (f)
Size: 45 x 40 x 10 mm without connectors
Weight with SMA-Connectors: 40gOperating Temperature:0° to +70°C

Customer-specific configuration

Special customer requirements can be met on request.

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