380 MHz – 3.0 GHz Phase Shift (Delay Line) Module

Product Description

Wideband RF Phase Shifter (Delay Line) with 7 bit TTL/CMOS 5V-Interface.

Download: Product data (pdf)

Technical Data:

Impedance:50 Ω
max. VSWR at all Ports: 1.9:1
Frequency Range:0.38 GHz – 3.0 GHz
Phase Shift Range:0 ... 254° @ 1GHz, 2° Steps
Electrical Delay:0 ... 705.56ps in 5.56ps Steps
Thru State Insertion Loss:9dB ±0.5dB @ 1GHz, 11dB ±0.8dB @ 3GHz
Insertion Loss Variation over Phase Steps:±0.7dB
Thru State Electrical Length:350mm
Maximum Input Power: +27 dBm
RF Connector:SMA (f)
DC-Supply:+4.8-5.2V, 1 mA max.
Interface:Micromatch 10pin-connector
min. Isolation (IN-OUT):35 dB
Size (without RF-Connectors): 84.5mm x 77mm x 11mm
Weight: 90g
Operating Temperature:0° to +70°C

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