eubus EPS – Electronic Power Switch

Product Description

The eubus EPS was specially-developed for complex test scenarios in research and measurement environments to simulate short voltage dips. It is up to the rigors of day-to-day testing thanks to its contact-free current measurement capability, high-quality LCD and the fact that it has no parts subject to mechanical wear.

Voltage interruptions in the millisecond range cause considerable problems with complex electronics: The various modules react entirely different and the adopted protective measures often fail in delivering the desired results. The system doesn't shut down completely, and this is where we hit the problems: The scheduled reset fails, and the entire system has to be restarted manually. That's not the point of the exercise, and so there's only one way round the problem: Carry out tests under all possible conditions. Heavy-current engineering also presents an additional obstacle, after all, what high-speed switch is able to handle 150 amps DC?

For extreme loads

The eubus EPS power switch for extreme loads was specially developed to meet testing requirements for complex computer systems were reliability is the number one priority, for instance base stations in mobile communications. But, of course, it is also suitable for all those fields of application where there is far more at stake than "just" a loss of revenue. The eubus EPS allows reliable testing of the behavior of systems in the event of power failures in the millisecond range in safety-relevant technology such as airbags, and indeed the whole of modern automotive and medical technology and similar critical applications.

Semiconductor technology

An electronics switch using semiconductor technology allows the eubus EPS to generate voltage interruptions of less than 0.01 ms. In order to make testing of the reset behavior of complex multiprocessor systems as realistic as possible, the eubus EPS has a specially programmed microcontroller which records all the measurements and outputs them over Ethernet, allowing virtually any complex test scenario to be implemented. The eubus EPS generates freely definable pulse packages in the millisecond range and with up to a thousand repetitions, thus covering any test which may be required. In addition, the eubus EPS provides contact-free measurement of the maximum current, and thus achieves top accuracy to deliver really meaningful measurements.


  • Extremely short power interruption (≤ 0.01 ms)
  • High-precision pulse packages (≤ 0.5 ms)
  • Contact-free current measurement
  • Large 4-line LCD and one-button operation
  • Ethernet or RS232 connection
  • Robust construction

Technical Data of EPS

Circuit breaker:75 VDC / 150 A
Curren-carrying capacity:up to 250 A, non-inductive current measurement
Current interruption toff: 0.01 ms / -100 ms
Current flow interval ton:0.5 ms - 100 ms
Interval rate:1-1000
Supply Voltage: 230 VAC
Input Power:Maximal 100mW average
Ambient Temperature:0 through + 55°C
Ethernet Connector: RJ-45_RS232: 9-pin Sub-D
Terminals:2x 50mm/2
Housing:4U, 42U deep; die-cast aluminum
Warranty:12 months

Customer-specific configuration

Special customer requirements can be met on request.

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