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eubus MAM4 Manual Attenuator Module

Product Description

The MAM 4 has between 4 and 36 high-precision attenuators and 4 up to 36 inputs and outputs that permit complex radio hop simulation such as it is required for handover test scenarios, for example.

The MAM 4 is a low cost manual version of the remotely controlled NAM 4 and can be easily operated by multifunctional knobs. Except the network function, all other features of the NAM 4 are included in manual system as well. The smallest standard version of the MAM 4, the MAM 4-4, has 4 channels with 4 solid state programmable attenuators which operates in a frequency range between 380MHz – 3 GHz (0…95,5dB, 0,5dB steps) or 700MHz-6GHz (0…63dB, 1dB steps). All kind of complexities are available upon request, even beyond the standard MAM 4-36.

For each channel an attenuation offset can be set and everlasting stored.


  • High-precision electronically switchable attenuator for RF applications
  • Designed for easy to use radio hop simulation and handover scenarios
  • High-precision attenuation in 0,5dB or 1dB increments
  • Standard versions of 4 to 36 high-precision attenuators
  • Standard versions of 4 to 36 inputs and output
  • Attenuation and offset can be set by multifunctional knobs
  • Infinitely adjustable attenuation value can settings
  • Suitable for any laboratory or field application
  • Very flexible and adaptable system for most applications
  • Compact stable housing
  • A Network Attenuator System, NAM4, with the appropriate Software and Ethernet connection is also available

Download: Product data (pdf)

Technical Data of MAM

Frequency range:380MHz - 3GHz or 700MHz – 6GHz
Attenuation: up to 95,5dB in 0,5dB increments / up to 63,0dB in 1,0dB increments
Insertion Loss:< 6dB (1GHz), < 7,5dB (6GHz)
Impedance:50 Ohm
HR Connection:N female or SMA or customized (front or back side)
Input Power:Maximal 100mW average
Power Supply:100V – 240V, 47 – 63 Hz (power supply unit integrated)
Frequency Bands:GSM (450, 900, 1800 MHz), UMTS, WLAN, WiMAX, Bluetooth and UMTS LTE
Ambient Temperature:0 through + 50°C
Housing:19” die-cast aluminium with 1U to 5U, depending on required channels
Power supply:Phoenix Pin 1 = +5V / Phoenix Pin 1 = GND
Delivery Package MAM 4 :system and power cable
Warranty:12 months

Customer specific versions are available on request.

The eubus MAM 4 – Manual Attenuator Module – is the latest descendant of the eubus NAM (Network Attenuator Module) product family. It is a low cost module with outstanding features like the memory function for keeping always the latest offset dB adjustment,-even without power supply. And, it is an extremely convenient solution for the everyday testing tasks.

Ordering Information

  • MAM 4-4 (4 attenuators, 4 inputs & 4 outputs)
  • MAM 4-8 (8 attenuators, 8 inputs & 8 outputs)
  • MAM 4-12, -16, -20, -24, -28, -32, -36 accordingly

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